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Marketing agency

ul. Drobnika 12 /14

60-693 Poznań


Tel: +48 515 180 937

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Our offer:


• online websites
• online shops- e-commerce

• visual identification

• advertisement materials

• advertisement videos and photoshoots

• Social Media

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Opinions from our clients

You have no idea how to represent yourself and your products? No worries! We do know and we weill take care of it: banners,, roll-ups, stickers, self-adhesive etiquets

and many others.




Nie wiesz jak zaprezentować swoje produkty? Spokojnie, my to wiemy.  Banery, roll'up, naklejki,

etykiety samoprzylepne i wiele innych.




Online shop 

Our offer 

Optymalizacja pod
urządzenia mobilne

Co możemy dla Ciebie zrobić?

 W branży reklamowej działamy

 ponad 20 lat.

Jako agencja reklamowa

Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone ©


Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone ©


Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone ©


Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone ©


+48 515 180 937

About us


Znajdziemy dla Ciebie, najlepsze rozwiązania, które gwarantują najwyższy zwrot inwestycji.

Marketing strategy

From Google and Facebook advertisement to
remarketing and SEO.


Nauczymy Cię, jak zaistnieć w internecie.Tak żeby nie robić złych wrażeń.

Learning how to grow

From convincing texts to

perfect selling videos.

Brand & Design

From the most recognizable logo to the most memorable name

Super marki przyciągają super pracowników.

Zwiększają zyski i przyciągają klientów.



napis tekstowy

In our business, when it comes to filmmaking, we care about every detail. for us, evey sginel clients is a different story to tell. 




You can have a magnificent business, high-quality  services and yet you have to be able to convince your clients about it. 




We design websites and online shops for everyone.  Safe hosting.
Fast realisation, perfect price.

Websites and
online shops


What do we believe in? 

 What do we do? 

 We are creating, inspiring and supporting enterpreneurs in Poland.

 They say...

,,Sometimes, the best business is the one you did not go for. ”

Elon Musk

''Setting up a business is not a sprint. It's a marathon.''

Rafał Brzoska

„If everything is under control,
it means you are going too slow.”

20 years

Yes! We have been in marketing industry for exactly 20 years.

 We believe that only the sky is the limit.

With Icon One we have been working together for 12 years. 
 Jarek is a professional, who exactly knows what to do.
Icon One did for us numerous projects, advertisement videos, photoshoots and advertisement materials.
Highly recommended.

President Krystian Kierski

We called Jarek in a strong lock-down. We entrusted his agency
 whole marketing strategy. 
They created or us a logo and  
website, advertisement videos and photoshoots. 

What's more, all our workers were trained in creating personal videos. 

Owner  Arkadiusz

We have been working together with Jarek for more than 5 years now. We have come through some big and great realizations.
There were also hard realizations but there was always a way to figure it out.

In the range of our cooperation are  large-format banners  with assembly, graphic projects and many others.

Vice-president Oskar Grzebalski

Who are we?

An agency specialised in filmmaking and marketing. We have been here for 20 years! 

Thanks to clever solutions we help our clients to expand 

profits way faster than our competitors.

Optimalization, data analysis based on numbers and strong details is the fastest client-gaining process.


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