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Marketing agency

ul. Drobnika 12 /14

60-693 Poznań


Tel: +48 515 180 937

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Our offer:


• online websites
• online shops- e-commerce

• visual identification

• advertisement materials

• advertisement videos and photoshoots

• Social Media

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- Logo, icon + name of your business, basic photographic content.
- Filling in text content, three bookmarks, SEO + Social Media integration
- Yearly domain and hosting
- Full technical support  
- Limitless storage and transfer
- SSL Certificate 

I am very pleased with the outcome. This is my next order in Icon One and every realization fullfiled my expectations. The only wrong thing was elongated waiting period. I had to wait 5 more days, but I received an e-mail with apologies and my order was made with high carefullness. 

Here's how process of order looks:




After ordering your logo, we contact you and talk about your priorities and needs. 


        Project and text


Based on  gathered informationwe create a graphic project and write our own texts





  Finished project is sent to you and you send us your feedback. If needed, we make changes.




  It's an exciting moment!  Inthernet greets your online shop!



Strona internet - Silver

or call us to order
 515 180 937


The prettiest and the best. Why? Because it fits your needs. Informs you and sells products when needed!
Safe, because it has SQELS. Also has limitless host, withour yearly deals! Technical support always picka up the phone. 
No worires when a video is needed - Facebook, YouTube or Instagra is here for you! SEO and logo is also given, because we care about our customers!

950.00 zł

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23 May 2021