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Marketing agency

ul. Drobnika 12 /14

60-693 Poznań


Tel: +48 515 180 937

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Our offer:


• online websites
• online shops- e-commerce

• visual identification

• advertisement materials

• advertisement videos and photoshoots

• Social Media

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Sklep z produktem logo

450,00 zł

We highly believe, that good design is a foundation of business image. We offer only professional services. Our staff conists of highly-qualified workers.

We were challenged on every stepping stone.  Working with the biggest businesses implemented in us consientioussness, loyalty and creating only high-quality products. 

Szczegóły produktu

Logo is specially sketched for your brand. Drew by an artist, coloured by a colourist and digitilized by a graphic designer. 
You receive finished logo in different file versions, handover of copyrights and  praw autorskich oraz guarantee of uniqness. 

14 June 2021

Here's how process of order looks:

or call us to order
 515 180 937



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Highly recommended. I must admit I was not convinced at first when I saw one of the first projects. Jarek stood up to the mark and when he sent me next projects I was really pleased. I am happy that Jarek took care of my logo. 




After ordering your logo, we contact you and talk about your priorities and needs.  


        Project and text


  Based on  gathered informationwe create a graphic project and write our own texts




 Finished project is sent to you and you send us your feedback. If needed, we make changes.




We are sending you by e-mail a couple of file versions. 
With obtention of copyrights.





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Your logo - sketching